Product guide

There's nothing quite like holding your brand new baby for the very first time.  Their smell and their soft skin pressed against yours.  Everyone tells you to enjoy every second because it all goes too fast and before you know it, they will be grown.  

What better way to savour these special early days by capturing their newness in photographs.  Beautiful artwork to hang on your walls and the ultimate album to treasure all their earliest memories.  

In this new digital world we find ourselves in, there is nothing better than tangible memories that you can touch and feel for yourself and one day, hand down to your children.  I understand digital files also have a place in our lives and these can definitely be included, but nothing truly beats a printed photograph.

My dream is that every baby I photograph, will end up with their own treasured memories to keep for a lifetime.  Timeless photos that they will love to one day hand down to the next generation.  It's for this reason that I have searched high and low for the most beautiful and professionally handcrafted printed products to offer to my clients.  


The Signature Photo

Your favourite photo printed on gorgeous handmade paper and 'floating' in an oak box style frame.  The signature photo is printed as a circle in a square frame, but you can choose to keep the original rectangular format if you prefer.  

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The signature album

A modern take on the traditional album.  Printed on fine art museum quality paper.  This album is truly luxurious with 30 thick layflat pages.  Each spread is custom designed to tell your unique story.  Gorgeous linen covers with your baby's name and details engraved on the front

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Traditional framed photos

The classic matted framed photo.  Simple in design to really let the photograph shine.  With a large range of sizes and three beautiful frame, white and the ever popular Oak frame.  All framed photos come ready to hang.

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Torn edge photos

A set of 10 torn edge photos presented in a gorgeous genuine leather envelope.  Your babies name and date of birth details can be engraved in the leather for that perfect personal touch.  Choose to frame your 10 photos and use the envelope to store your babies precious treasures (ie hospital wrist bands, lock of hair, special letters etc) or keep your photos safe inside.