Newborn portfolio

a message from Josette

Newborn babies grow and change in what feels like the blink of an eye.  This is the only time in their life that they will be that tiny. I capture your newborn baby exactly how they are in those first few days of their life.

I love to document their tiny and perfect little features; the things that make us unique and the things that change the fastest.  I love watching parents marvel at the perfect little human that they helped to create and bring into the world.  I do all of this in a very pure and true way; without the need for colourful and excessive props.  Just you and your baby basking in the newness of each other.

The images I capture you will cherish for the rest of your life.  By documenting your baby in a very natural and uncluttered way, you will be able to look back and immediately be transported to this special time in your life. Find out more about the newborn photoshoot process here.

"We had such a great time!  Josette gave us an amazing experience, complete with stunning photos. To have such beautiful photos of our new baby son is priceless.
- Kirk, Katrina and Judah


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