Motherhood Portfolio

a message from Josette


When was the last time you got in the photos with your children??  As mothers, we often naturally end up being the ones taking the photos and rarely get the opportunity and get in the photos WITH our kids.  I want to change that! 

I have a real heart for mothers and the bond we have with our babies,  which starts to form right back when they were first in the womb.  Our heartbeat was the first sound they heard, our skin was the first touch and we stared for hours into those wide little eyes.  The photos of me with my own children are some of my most precious memories, and I want every mother to experience that feeling.  

We need to make the time to capture this precious time with our babies before they are all grown up and gone.  If you too are feeling the pull to document this time, I'd love to help you create the memories you will want to hold onto forever.