Fresh 48 Portfolio

a message from Josette

What is a fresh 48 session you ask?...It’s the perfect way to remember those first few hours after you bring your newborn baby into the world (within the first 48 hours to be precise).  It’s capturing a time that is so often forgotten because of the sheer exhaustion and overwhelming emotion that comes with birthing a baby. 

I will ever so gently and quietly join you in your hospital room (or home) and capture your brand new baby on their first or second day, while their little face is still puffy and their hands and feet are still wrinkly from their 9month long womb bath - while still adorning cute little hospital wrist and ankle bands, and if you’re anything like me, you’ll hang onto those wrist bands and marvel at how tiny your little person used to be.

This can also be a wonderful opportunity to capture older siblings meeting their new baby brother or sister for the first time too!  We will just need to pre organise this with whomever is caring for them while you are in hospital.

Fresh 48 sessions are a great way of introducing your newest little family member to the world because I will send through a digital photo within hours of your session so you can share on your social platforms or send directly to family and friends.  You’ve been through enough...let me do the work for you.

Fresh 48 sessions can be done as a stand alone session, or they make for a great add on to a newborn session (I love to tell a complete story)

It was really nice and just cruisy and smooth like a blur (but a good one) for you to come in Jo and just snap away quietly. The end result was more amazing than I could have imagined, I keep looking over them each day, our babies change way too quickly but you captured that first day perfectly and I'm so thankful
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